5/18/15 - Well Played, LegitBS

Thank you to all who logged in and participated, it says alot about your desire to learn
My collection of challenges, I think it is complete, is available in zip form here:
Be advised there is a small virtual machine included in the CyberGrandChallenge
So it is over 500megs
You may want to look at the files in cybergrand and just keep the vagrant config and vm
I also provided the deb package of vagrant that works on Kali if you need it.
A few of the other binaries may have the +x flag set on them, so check it.

Continue to watch #dc801 and #dvctf for links to writeups
The Corpsman

Update: Sunday 5/17/15

We will be on freenode IRC at #dvctf
If you still want to have a look, checkout the legitbs site below, register or login
Follow the link for "Play Now"
I would advise to start by looking at the first Pwnable, because it requires a VM download
It can go kinda to slow to download the 500 meg image.
Once you get that DL started, just go nuts and try anything.
Warning: Most of the challenges require you to dl a binary and decompile or reverse engineer it.
Don't get discouraged, we will start doing this ALOT more so we can all learn it.
The Corpsman


Game starts at 6pm MST
Rest up, and remember to have fun!
The Corpsman


So I went ahead and registered a team for the defcon ctf quals this weekend.
If you are interested in seeing the competition from the participant level, that’s all I am offering.
No expectations, no commitment, I don’t expect to qualify,
I just want to see the challenge from the inside.

If you are interested:

Sign up and join the team

Register an account on https://legitbs.net.
Find the "Join a team" section on the "You're not a team" screen.
Put "Dysfunctional Veterans" (without quotes) in the "Name" field.
Put "Zer0x90" (again, without quotes) in the "Password" field. Thats Zer(Zero)x90
Click "Join" to join the team.

CTFTime Scoring and Event Management

Not Mandatory, but recommended if you want to do other CTFs
Register a user, and join the team with invite token
If that does work try this one:
Dysfunctional Veterans:1YsFcC:wAr8GyLpldvInK-CjZd3sFAREvE

IRC and coms:

Join #defconctf on the Hackint network
See http://www.hackint.org
We will be on freenode IRC at #dvctf
The Corpsman